Look I'm on TV

I just had a chance to talk with Dorene and Mark from channel 13 on air about my film Mothers Against Pornography and the Anchorage International Film Fest starting tomorrow night. I hope to see many of you there. - Channing

Mothers Against Porn Fest Schedule

The Schedule for the Anchorage International Film Fest is up and “Mothers Against Pornography shows three times during the fest.
Saturday Dec. 1st, 1:00pm
Tuesday Dec. 4th, 6:30pm
Friday Dec. 7th, 3:15pm

Great Shoot Last Weekend

We had a great shoot last weekend for a new series of comedy sketches that will start posting on November 29. If you can’t wait that long, here are a few still frames to tide you over. - Channing
Ready to Impart Some Wisdom
A Tiny Little Horse
Arm Wrestling?
Can You Believe this Jerk?
Enough is Enough
Fist Bump
I'm Unimpressed
Officers, this victim is Dead
Just Before it Goes Astray
Professional Hand Holder
The Prognosis is Not Good
Up Close & Personal
Psychic Hotline

Shooting New Sketch Series This Weekend

We’re gearing up to shoot a new series of sketches this weekend with lots of talented people from the Anchorage, AK area. The theme is still a secret but you should see the first in the series on Thursday Nov. 29. In other news, Mother’s Against Pornography which is showing at the Anchorage International Film Fest at the end of this month has been selected for official competition which only about 20% of their films are granted. On top of that, the OffSpeedCinema youtube channel reached to over 5,000 views this week. Lots of good things happening, and lots more to come so stay tuned. - Channing

Special Wednesday Release

A special Wednesday release for a Halloween themed video. This one is a nice change up form the recent series and featured the very adorable young actress Parker. You’re going to want to see this one. Happy Halloween. - Channing

Filming Last Weekend

Filming on two new Holiday-themed short films was underway this last weekend. You’ll have to wait for Wednesday (one day early release) to see the first but here is a little teaser photo. - Channing

M.A.P. Selected for Anchorage Film Fest

Mothers Against Pornography
Selections for the Anchorage International film Festival were announced this week and “Mothers Against Pornography” has been chosen. The screening schedule has not been posted yet but the film will show twice during the festival which runs from November 30th through December 9th up in Anchorage Alaska. Congratulation to Jennifer, Joe, Sarah, Kristy, Josie, Juanita, Amy, Drew, Patrick, Kasey, and everyone involved with the production of this short video. - Channing

Casting Next Short Comedy Series

Casting is currently underway for another series of comedy shorts. The idea behind them is a secret at this point but look for them to start posting sometime in November and check back here for production photos once we start shooting. - Channing

Lee's Ghost 1,000 Views

Lee's Ghost 1 B&W

“Lee’s Ghost” just passed 1,000 views on Youtube. Plus, my Off Speed Cinema channel is set to top 3,000 total views today! WIth posting a new video each week I’d like to hit 10,000 channel views by the end of the year. - Channing

Weekely Videos Have Begun

Ask Billionaire Screen Shot

We’ve started releasing a new video each Thursday, first with “Mother’s Against Pornography” and second with “Ask a Billionaire” Episode 1. We’ve got 11 others shot and currently being edited, so look for these weekly posts to continue for months to come; hopefully years! - Channing

Shooting Wrapped


The second half of shooting a new 12 part series of sketch comedy videos called “Ask a Billionaire” wrapped up last weekend and editing is underway. The series features Troy Terrones as the Billionaire, Off Speed Cinema veterans Phil & Kristy, and several new talented actors from the Anchorage, AK area who are making their Off Speed Cinema debuts with these videos. Look for the first installment of “Ask a Billionaire” on Thursday Sept. 6th. - Channing

Lee's Ghost Takes Top Prize

Lee's Ghost 1 B&W

“Lee’s Ghost” has won the Gold Eddy (top prize) in the category of “Professional Short” at this year’s CRIFF. Congratulations Jesse, Amber, Brad, Andy, Kristy & everyone who supported the making of this video! - Channing

Lee's Ghost at CRIFF

Lees Ghost 1Lees Ghost 2

One of my newest comedy shorts “Lee’s Ghost” is set to screen at the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival this year. Check it out if you’re in the area. If not, look for it on here and on youtube in a month or so. - Channing

Shooting Underway

Terrones Still

I shot half of the footage for a new 12 part series of sketch comedy videos called “Ask a Billionaire,” which will feature Troy Terrones who you might recognize from my other shorts, “The Chances” and “The Shot.” Look for the first “Ask a Billionaire” sketch in late August, when Off Speed Cinema will hopefully begin posting new videos every week. - Channing

New Website

Temp Website OSC

A temporary new website for Off Speed Cinema has been unveiled. Look for true full new website this summer. - Channing

Plans to Post Weekly Web Videos

Off Speed Cenima Full

Starting in August this year, Off Speed Cinema will begin posting new comedy short videos every week! Writing is underway now with shooting to begin soon. Check back in August for new videos and enjoy. - Channing